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Schuring - Cush Drives

Cush Drive Rubbers (or Cushion Drive Rubbers) from Schuring Rubber serve an essential function as dampeners in the wheel hub, designed to absorb shocks when using the throttle and protect the chain, sprockets and gear box. It is part of the essential maintenance of your motorcycle to check them regularly and make sure that they are not damaged or worn so they are still working to protect the transmission. They are easy to replace and Schuring Cush Drive Rubbers are made from really tough long lasting rubber which will protect your motorcycle from shocks as you travel.

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Schuring - Speedo Gear Drives

Schuring Speedo Drive Gear is manufactured from fully tested high grade plastic material, designed to last and hold fast without becoming brittle or losing its bite. Schuring manufacture top quality speedo drive gear sets for many makes and models of motorcycle. Schuring Speedo Drive Gear parts are both durable and easy to fit, making them an ideal choice for the job and top of their field. To find what you need just enter your motorcycle make and model details in the 'find my bike' search section of the website.

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Schuring - Gear Lever Rubbers

Gear Lever Rubber which won't let you down. Wemoto stock a wide range of Schuring OEM replacement slip-on gear lever rubber grips, to fit most Yamaha and Suzuki motorcycles. It is important to replace the rubber on your gear lever when it gets worn so that you can still get a good sound grip on it when changing gear, and with Schuring Rubber you can guarantee its made to last. Top tip when replacing your gear lever rubber – put the rubber in a cup of hot water for a couple of minutes to soften and expand it a bit before you slip it onto the gear lever. If you spray the metal lever with a silicone based spray as well before you attempt to put the rubber grip on, it should help it to slide on really easily.

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Schuring - Fuel Tap

Schuring replica replacement long reach fuel tap for part number 16963-KY6-000 fits popular classic motorcycles like Honda XL125V 01-06, RVF400RR 94-96, VFR400R NC30, XRV750 Africa Twin 93-03

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Schuring - Handlebar Grips

Schuring Rubber Handlebar Grips are made from tough durable rubber and are a great way to rejuvenate your motorcycle handlebars. Made from state of the art high grade materials, Schuring Rubber Handlebar Grips are ergonomically designed to insulate and protect your fingers from the vibration of the road and the engine, without cutting out essential feedback to your hands. They are available for many makes and models of motorcycle.

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Schuring - Chain Sliders

Schuring Rubber make Swing Arm Chain Guides/Sliders for many makes and models of motorcycles including Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, KTM and more. Made from top grade, fully factory tested durable plastic, they will protect your swing arm from scratches and damage from your motorcycle chain and keep your chain running true. Made to last, totally reliable and easy to fit as replacement parts, Schuring are the top technical choice for tough, replacement chain guides which will run and run.

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For All Rides of Life

Schuring products are sent all over the world, covering all types of motorcycle in any terrain and in all weather conditions. Have confidence with Schuring

adventure bike

Adventure Discovery

Adventure bikes are really good at everything. Their remit is to go anywhere, be comfortable and easily take a pillion, plus luggage, a really long way over any terrain. They are versatile machines and, as well as having world class off or on road adventure capability, they are good at commuting, touring and even some sport riding. Adventure bikes' all round abilities and rugged good looks are making them an increasingly popular choice for motorcyclists.


Street lifestyle

Street bikes, AKA Roadsters or Naked bikes, are another practical and versatile style of motorcycles. Street motorcycles which are designed for utility, usually have an upright riding position, ideal for everyday use about town. Naked bikes are useful and good looking about town and on a run out.

Racing nmotorcycle

Sports Life in the fast lane

Sports motorcycles is a wide category, covering a multitude of motorcycle sports not just racing. Sports motorcycles are ridden for racing, but also for skills testing like trials, off road trail riding and green laning, as well as a broad range of other disciplines, which really test rider and machine.