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Schuring Rubber & Plastic deliver parts which take the stress out of your motorcycle maintenance. From ergonomically designed handlebar grips to strong teflon speedo gear drive parts, you can buy Schuring motorcycle parts confident that they are engineered to the highest standards by a company which really understands motorcycling

Made To Measure

Schuring Rubber & Plastic parts are designed to OE specifications to precisely replace your genuine parts and do exactly the same job but for a lot less outlay. As they are like for like they are the same fit as the original part and can be put in place easily to give total satisfaction for your ride

Designed To Last

Schuring Rubber & Plastics use only the best grade raw materials to manufacture their parts. Each part is fully tested for durability and quality and has been proved on the road over the years by motorcyclists worldwide. With a track record like that, you can be sure of Schuring


At Schuring they really understand motorcycles. Specialising in motorcycle rubber and plastics, Schuring's expertise in their field is now being appreciated and their reputation is growing worldwide. Schuring Rubber and Plastic are always manufactured to the highest quality standards as they know how important it is that motorcycle parts are 100% reliable and will do their job perfectly and really pass the test of time.

Motorcycle parts spend most of their lives outside, in all weathers, and need to survive without cracking or wearing in the elements. Schuring understand what motorcyclists need and want – a long lasting, top quality, replacement rubber or plastic part which won't let them down. Schuring make parts for most makes and models of motorcycles

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Triumph Bonneville T100

The Triumph Bonneville T100 traces its lineage from that all time classic the '59 Bonneville. With design that includes many of the iconic features which made the original such a popular motorcycle, it has the classic good looks of its stylish ancestor but incorporates up to the minute details and features from its modern day big brothers the T120 and T120 Black.

While the Bonneville T100 looks retro, its performance is nothing but modern. It combines superb handling and performance with a 900cc high torque Bonneville engine, delivering speed, agility, reliability, great fuel economy and that throaty distinctive Triumph engine note to boot.

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KTM 125 Duke

YamahaXT660 Z Tenere

The Yamaha XT660Z Tenere is named after the toughest section of the Dakar Rally and, like its namesake, it's really tough.

The Tenere is a tall bike with a single cylinder engine and a dry weight of 185kg and doesn't boast complicated electronics, owners label it a simple no nonsense bike. It has a reputation for being versatile, really pretty unbreakable and as happy on an unpredictable world trip as it is in an urban commuter role with weekend green laning ability thrown in for fun. Oh yes and it looks cool and is affordable to boot!

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The Kawasaki KH250 went into production in 1976 and stayed around until 1980. It was descended from the S1 250 (Mach 1) which arrived in 1971 and morphed into the KH250 in 1976. The KH250 is an air cooled 2 stroke which perhaps hadn't changed much since the 1971 Mach 1 version.

Despite its propensity to drink fuel and eat spark plugs, it is a perennially popular bike and sounds the nicest of all its contemporaries. It seems that most road legal KH250s today have been well looked after and maintained to keep them in top condition and still growling along the roads. Definitely a well loved classic.

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